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Choices is a military family operated and owned business.

Wayne D. Bosley Jr, the owner is a retired Master Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps. After 21 wonderful years of serving our country, he followed his passion for automobiles as a second career. After working in the industry a few years he noticed that there was a lack of knowledge among the military service members, that resulted in them be taken advantage of. He developed several vehicle buying presentations/seminars geared toward making people aware of the "Scams, Tricks and Pitfalls of Car Buying"  he quickly became known and from this, the idea of Choices Autodealer went from a topic of conversation to a business plan put into action. All services are by appointment so that Wayne ensures that each car buying experience is tailored to the customer and their specific needs; therefore, providing his undivided attention and sharing his expert car buying knowledge. No two car sales are the same. Choices is a small dealership for a reason, keeping the vehicle inventory, staffing and overhead minimal so the savings goes to you the customer.  Most car sales are tailored to the individual and the vehicle that you desire is obtained based on your desires and budget. Please call 760-990-3777 to schedule your tailored car buying experience today. You will be 100% glad that you did.
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